Author: Haris Mujkic

Game Designer/Programmer/Artist. Turning moments and imagination to code and brush strokes, every day and night.


SV Editor – Sorting Layers (New Feature)

SILENT VOID, besides modes like Story, Random or Custom will have an in-game level editor.

This week I worked on a new feature called Sorting Layers. Before this feature, each level in SILENT VOID was composed of Background Data, Tile Data and Decoration Data. Each object had defined sorting layer and the whole level was sorted as:


Handling levels like that is good for simple levels but any further customization was not possible. With sorting layers feature each object in the scene will now be added on user-defined layers. Editor supports creation of 10 layers (this may change in the future). Layer can be named, hidden, deleted and toggled as current. Right now, I am working on layer locking and moving (up/down).

It was easy to implement yet it gave a lot more control and freedom over level’s structure, design and depth.

And yes, once I am done with Sorting Layers, there is a new editor feature waiting to be implemented. More information soon.